You’ll work one-on-one with our expert screen enclosure design team.  We’ll then learn about your vision, your yard space, your budget and your timeline.  At that point, we’ll create a unique plan to make your dream a reality.  Our success is greatly due to our love for the craft and genuine care for bringing joy and wonder to our clients.  Whether you need aluminum fencing, a pool enclosure or some new accordion shutters, Affordable Screen Enclosure, LLC looks forward to giving you the best service and great quality you deserve, call us already! 1.800.900.8586

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 Bob Walton  – 03/03/19

As a retired Chief Officer and Fire Marshal I know that Florida is full of scam service people, THIS COMPANY IS AN HONEST COMPANY doing a great job for a fair price. The owner has built a family business built on good quality work. I have sent several new customers over the years, and all have been very happy with this company. They arrive on time, get the job done fast and stand behind their work.. not many companies can say that in Florida. AA++

Stanley Adams – 03/25/18

I have a super loud and annoying neighbor who would frequently walk into my backyard area to talk on the phone late at night. After months of telling her to keep it down, I finally decided to line my property (within my community guidelines) with some new, much-needed fencing. Everything was very fast and they were barely in way.

Lisette Bedu – 04/09/14

Aside for the very reasonable price, AFFORDABLE SCREEN ENCLOSURE service was excellent, quick, precise, clean and professional. My request was promptly answered and within a few days we were able to fix my pool enclosure. I sure recommend their services!!! Thank you Pavel.

Cathy C. – 04/15/17

Not only today but many previous times, I have had Paul of Affordable Screen Enclosure do screen work for me. Besides being extremely patient and knowledgeable, he does his work extremely well. He's neat and very prepared. I've never had any problems with his great work. He's the best of all previous so called experts. I've had in the past.. Never disappointed with his work. The most pleasant worker I've had.


What are the benefits of having a screen enclosure?

Can my existing screen room be extended?

No, old screen enclosures must be removed and all new systems will be CUSTOM DESIGNED & Engineered to meet and exceed the latest building codes requirements. The ASE TEAM goes above and beyond with QUALITY AND  PRECISION to 1/1000 of an inch.

How long does installation take?

Depending on the scope of your project, installation can take anywhere from 3 days to 15 weeks. Repairs, fill-in porches and items that do not need a permit can be done as quickly as the next business day but most of the time within 1 week. Pre-fabricating of over the pool screen enclosures, assembly, delivery to property and installation typically happens within two to four weeks of us receiving your permit from the building department.

Can you work without a permit?

We do not work without proper permitting. You, as the homeowner, are opening yourself up to liability with the local building departments for any work done without proper permitting. Not obtaining the required permit(s) could prove very costly if the work was installed incorrectly or the building department requires it to be taken down and reconstructed.

Should I cut my screens during a Hurricane?

No, all of our products are built to meet and exceed wind standards.

Benefits of a Screen Enclosure

Homeowners face many obstacles having an open patio or porch, including pesky insects, wildlife and strays—a screen enclosure can provide a true bug and pest free experience, and allow for many other benefits, including: Screen enclosures increase the useable living area of your home, enclosed patios and porches protect your pets, screen rooms offer a true bug and pest-free outdoor environment, Enclosing Your Porch or Patio Can Help Filter the Wind, A Screened Enclosure Allows for Shade and A Screened-in Patio or Porch Offers Privacy.

Why Choose Us?

Our mentality comes from the forged blue-collar family owned business and our experience background and we know that when a job needs to be done, it needs to done right from the first time. We are a serious, hard working family own company that knows the value of hard day of work and we bring experience, dedication and trust that you need. You can count on us to give you the best possible price for a reliable, long lasting product and service that you are going to love it.

Reliable well-trained staff

At AFFORDABLE SCREEN ENCLOSURE, we believe it’s important to ensure the highest standards of work. We always inform the entire crew about the details of the job to ensure that they are well aware of its qualities and complexities. We also insist that our crew is trained on proper site preparation, clean-up and overall work-zone safety. We pride ourselves in the work we do and we don’t compromise the quality of our work and you can be sure to have fantastic results that is not only beautiful but also lasting service.

Our Blog

At Affordable Screen Enclosure, our systems always meet and exceed local county codes to the millimeter.  Our custom fit permit process guarantees we do the very best possible screen enclosure install according to your home structure, land and local laws.

Our last job in Boca Raton truly took all of our skill and patience.  There were several residents nearby so we had to be quick and quiet with our installation.  This community truly appreciates its homeowners and renters. It let them know it by hiring Affordable Screen Enclosure to create the most enjoyable enclosed outdoor area, the pool, that much better.  Just look at the detail and beauty of our engineering and enclosure install.

We pre-fabricated this job at our Pompano Location: 1425 SW 1st Ct #25, Pompano Beach, FL 33069 with perfect planning, time and love.  This pool screen enclosure will protect this community’s families and from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and Florida’s insects.  Our enclosed areas offer the perfect chance to enjoy their outdoor area with the peace of mind they deserve. Now they can chill out after school and work in the pool without branches, leaves or debri.  What a win!

When we completed the project, the tenants were lined up ready to go in, the next morning.  What a joyous occasion. Almost all the children from the community came out, too. They enjoyed the pool without the bites or burns and we enjoyed giving that community what they needed, an enclosed outdoor.

We use heavy gauge aluminum framing with high quality hardware and fasteners to construct our enclosures so rest assured, our screen enclosures are built to last.

Fencing and Railing

Protect your outdoor space with a stylish, but simple-looking fence.  Our handrail systems are sophisticated and practical for any outdoor area or walkway.  All of our products are available in a choice of white, bronze and black colors.  Our aluminum gates come in a variety of sizes including 36″, 42″ 48″ and 56″.  All accessories including finials, rings, and castings come available in plastic with UV protection or aluminum powder coated matching your fence color.

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