Acrylic enclosures builders

Acrylic enclosures builders

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If you want to have your home radically renovated by making use of today’s rich choice of acrylic enclosures, let us help you to complete this project. Affordable Screen Enclosure offers you stylish solutions literally for any home needs, even the most specific ones.

What about having it incorporated acrylic panels with a barcode reader or stylish viewing window? You will definitely appreciate the whole elegance of this approach to home renovation. To come up with an exact cut as if a laser was used, we implement special CNC parameters. As a result, the plastic is cut gently, so we manage to exclude shattering.

ASE is always ready to handle new challenges in home renovation. We have done a good job to improve this technology. You will not find any signs of glue in the ready-made product. We have reliably hidden it in the construction.

As a result of our huge effort, the customer enjoys a fantastic look at the acrylic enclosure that tightly holds the window in place. Due to the fact these sophisticated parts need specific glue, not to mention special attention, all the operations are carried out by detailed oriented and well-trained experts, so you could be delighted by the top-notch product.

Why Acrylic?

Acrylic is light in weight, transparent, and highly-resistant material. It certainly prevails over the glass as a cheaper, simple-in use, and contemporary solution for your enclosure.

As well as glass panels, acrylic ones supply you with a clear view and translucence. But they are more resistant to changing weather conditions and other external impacts.

Acrylic combines with other materials easily, making it possible for you to opt for various designs and constructions to satisfy your needs and desires with ease. This enables you to go for a rainbow of colors, smoked-glass effect, construction curves, shapes, and size of your house addition.

ASE works not only with acrylic panels but also with PETG, polycarbonate as well as other plastics of any thickness and color. The colored plastic happens to be a very suitable solution due to the fact it enables you to watch what’s going on behind it safely for your eyes. The company has all the necessary competencies to handle plastic of any kind. It’s no problem for us to form, mill, and also glue with the aim of meeting the highest customer expectations.

By the way, we can also make plastic enclosures with an intriguing smoked look. It enables light to sneak out without generating absolute visibility.

When planning and designing your future acrylic, or any other material enclosure, rely on our workers’ professionalism and experience. They will help you to count in weather conditions, your enclosure purposes of use, budget, design options to match your house exterior or go for something new and radical up to your desires, and more.

Our customer-oriented performance will guarantee your total satisfaction with the cooperation, construction process, and final results for sure. Reach for ASE expert help and implement your acrylic enclosure dream with no hurdles.