Building a lanai building a patio

We can define a patio as an outdoor space adjacent to a roofless building. It may come with brick, stone, pavers, or concrete. One can use a patio for recreation needs or dining. By the way, a deck is just a wooden patio.

Building a lanai building a patio near me

As for a lanai, this term is utilized to denote a roofed verandah or porch. It’s very popular in tropical countries. A lanai often comes with furniture. It may also feature removable sheets of plastic or glass. Like a patio, it features a hard surface floor, which is lower than that of in the house.

As you might have guessed, a covered patio screen enclosure and a lanai are fairly the same things. They both feature a roof and deck. The latter can be made of pavers, concrete, or wood. They may come with enclosures. If you are interested in building either a lanai or patio, feel free to make the most of rich experience Affordable Screen Enclosure has gained in this field.

Building a lanai building a patio near me cost

There’re two major construction types of lanais and patios: conventional and aluminum. Moreover, aluminum enclosures come with aluminum roofs and posts. Some roofs may have insulation in the form of a pair of aluminum sheets with polystyrene between them. Each panel has grove and tong edges. They’re installed tightly to form a solid roof surface.

A convention covered patio features wooden framed roofs and steel posts. As for the roofs, they are often asphalt.

If you have made up your mind to build any of those two buildings mentioned above, you need to start with engineering. The time required to do this by ASE experts generally depends on the workload in our office. However, you shouldn’t forget that building either a patio or lanai suggests getting special permission from the local authorities. To get the required permit, you will have to wait 4-6 weeks. Once it’s obtained and the engineering is over, it will take ASE nearly a week to have construction completed.

Building a lanai building a patio near me price