Building a patio base deck

If you are looking for top-notch patio base deck contractors in your area, then it makes sense for you to pay attention to exclusive offers from Affordable Screen Enclosure. The company has rich experience in creating a comfortable environment for outdoor activities. A patio is a cornerstone of this environment. You know that a patio starts with a base deck. That’s where ASE may come in handy. ASE offers flexible paver patio base panels, which are ideal to complete your home renovation project.

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Paver patio base panels: how it works?

High-density and light polypropylene are utilized to make paver patio base panels. They come with shiplap or tongue-and-groove edges just to flush with each other. Perhaps, you are intrigued by how a traditional 6-inch compacted gravel layer can be replaced by these light plastic panels. Well, the secret is that the panels are capable of spreading out the load rationally. As a result, the walker’s weight is distributed evenly when he walks on the deck. As a result, less pressure is applied to the soil, so the paver bricks don’t get uneven.

Aside from that, the panels provide an insulating layer, which tackles issues generated by soil, which refreezes and thaws. What’s more, the panels boast holes as well as channels to have water drained to the lower sand layer. Recent independent studies conducted by professional engineers have proved that in terms of thermal resistance as well as load distribution the panels aren’t inferior to a compacted gravel base.

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Choose a patio deck of your dream!

ASE will assist you in building and customizing a new design for your patio deck. With the new patio, you’ll have a relaxing mood. In such a beautiful place, you can have a good time with your pals and family members. Any patio design you choose will be tailored to your specific needs.

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