Built up patio

If you are eager to extend your living area, a lovely patio would be an ideal candidate for your home renovation project. Affordable Screen Enclosure boasts enormous experience in this field, so we’ll easily cater to your individual preferences. ASE is here to help you to build a striking patio that will drastically improve the overall aesthetic value of your house.

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Opting for a gable roof patio

You can have a gable roof patio adjacent to your currently existing premises or you can leave it standing free. A patio of this type comes with a pair of roofing panels mounted in the triangular shape. Meeting in the center, the panels create a ridge, resulting in the old-school roof design.

Why should I stick with a gable roof patio?

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of a gable roof patio is its impressive exterior. Such a style is absolutely timeless. Most probably, people will keep appreciating it in a century. So, you can be assured that many years later your structure will be still visually appealing.

Another impressive virtue of this structure is the extra space it provides thanks to the pitched panels. It generates enough space and an enhanced sense of air and light. Such roofs have decent insulation. So, you can count on good protection against cold and heat. Moreover, perfect noise reduction is ensured too.

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ASE roofing products

You are welcome to stick with Florida-made outdoor building solutions from Affordable Screen Enclosure. The products from this company are known for their high durability as well as strength. Moreover, with the ASE workmanship, as a potential client, you can rest assured that your sweet patio will be lovely and extremely durable.

Major benefits of the ASE roofing products

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